Waste of time

Uh, if the word 'FUCK' makes you feel bad or sick, or wanna kill the guy who sais it, uh... don't read the following. I wanna live... Yeah.

Whassup, kiddos! You thought, I fuckin' died? You thought I fuckin' ran of the fuckin' track?! No fucking way! I'm as alife as a fucking cucumber in your fucking freezer...
Ya know, we all gonna be dead one day. You know, once. Uh... all of us. You, me, Dr. (fucking) Chan... We all gonna be dead.
But... that ain't mean you gotta be sitting waiting for this fuckin' moment, ya know. You should be fucking' fighting for the immortality, even though you ain't gonna get it. 'Cause who don't do that - dies a fuckin' nobody. You don't want that, do you? You wanna die someone! You wanna be sad, when you die. Not 'cause you're afraid, but 'cause life was something you gonna miss. Yeah...
There're like three useless things that you do a lot, which you shouldn't do, 'cause it's a fuckin' terrible waste of time. And I'm saying that it's useless 'cause it never takes you nowhere - fuckin' waste of time, I'm tellin' ya!
First is thinking... And don't do that. Don't fuckin' think. You know, 'cause tomorrow you gonna be thinking somehting else, and... your conclusions will turn into fuckin' dust, and you won't give a fuck, so... Don't think.
Second. Don't sit doing nothing. It's like the worst thing in the world. And... uh... Take out garbage instead.
The third thing is chatting. Quite, quite useless. You could as well take a fuckin' gun and blow your fuckin' head... Uh... yeah... Right... Why ruin a nice carpet, huh? Why wasting a shiny bullet? There's a fuckin' window over there. You know the rest. Pleasant flight, you punk.

p.s. Это пост не выражает совершенно ничего. И если вы в нём обнаружили что-нибудь сколько-нибудь осмысленное, вы должны быть ещё глупее меня, хотя это очень вряд ли.