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“Listen to your feelings, listen to your highest thoughts, listen to your experience whenever any of these differs from what you’ve been told by your teachers or read in your books, forget the words. Words are the least reliable pruver of truth” N. D. Walsh “Conversations with God”

“Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught” Oscar Wilde

“The is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked
about” Oscar Wilde

“To get into the best society, nowadays, one has either to feed people,amuse people, or shock people – that is all” Oscar Wilde

“Knowledge is power. Hide it well” Warhammer

“Только дураки повторяют свои ошибки, умные совершают новые”

“Arts long, a vita brevis”

“Легче погасить свет, чем развеять тьму”

“Что останется, кроме памяти?”

“Всё, что устраивают люди, расстраивают события”

“Делай, что должен - и будь что будет”

“Сильные души требуют пищи” Стендаль

“Always? What a terrible word! That is today what is important” Oscar Wilde

“You can’t escape from words” Oscar Wilde

“Time is you enemy. It will sleal everything from you” Oscar Wilde

"Твое останется с тобой, что уйдет, твоим никогда не было."

"Ninety per cent of the people on this planet, especially in the West, were born out of a bottle of whisky on a Saturday night, and there was no intent to have children. Ninety per cent of us were accidents - I don't know anybody who has planned a child. All of us were Saturday-night specials." John Lennon