Oh….My Life

Greetings. John flies by the plane home. Has already arrived by time more precisely. My kid. I love you.Stella has left home. I have remained one. I live in a separate apartment with John and consequently. Mum called and has told that tomorrow will call in and will congratulate me and заю on our anniversary. Ммм... My dog goes mad and wishes to see daddy. And remember about that girl? It has arrived by the underground to our college and type there studies. So the security guard have dismissed. This girl of the patient. Her name is Samanta. Oh these children. By the way about children. To me has called Roxy also has told, that it is pregnant and will leave to give birth for New York.! And it will arrive already to Friday. It has bought the ticket and together with daughter Лесли (4 years) and husband Jack will arrive to us. Well certainly they will live not at us! And in a country house. There abruptly. Well . Soon will arrive favourite. And I yet for that did not prepare!incident! While